As you will be aware, the health and social care sector (like others) is working hard to maintain essential services in what are extremely challenging times. Whilst the manner in which many of us work is being adapted in line with current Government and Public Health England guidance, it is recognised that much of the work we undertake can’t simply just stop. So, there is a balance to be had between ensuring, as far as possible, the wellbeing of everyone (especially vulnerable people) and maintaining vital services. I am committed to maintaining as many of the services I provide throughout this period of uncertainty whilst acting responsibly to help ensure the safety of those I work with, vulnerable people and their carers.

To this end, until further notice, the following will apply:

Where possible, I will assess and consult people using non face-to-face methods such as Skype and telephone calls. Sometimes this is not possible and, in those situations, where safe to do so, I will continue with a face-to-face approach. If this is required, current Government guidelines will be followed. Whichever method will be adopted will depend entirely upon the nature and urgency of the work and will be discussed with the instructing party and care providers where applicable.

I wish you a safe and healthy time as we work together over the coming months,

Best Wishes, Gary.

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Independent Social Workers, Mental Capacity Assessors and Expert Witnesses

We warmly welcome you to Simply Social Work (formerly Gary Crisp Consultants) . We are Gary Crisp and Neil Courtney, both experienced, Independent Social Workers, mental capacity assessors and expert witnesses.

You may be familiar with Neil from his expertise in mental capacity, best interests, adult care assessments, deprivation of liberty and alcohol support services. Neil has developed excellent links with local authorities in London and the South of England and is a well respected consultant Social Worker. Gary’s areas of expertise are risk assessment, mental capacity, best interests, care assessments for adults and children, immigration reports and Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) tribunal reports. Over the years, Gary has provided high quality court and tribunal reports for solicitors and the families they represent.

At Simply Social Work, we provide a complete and unique approach to Social Work because we have experience in adult and children’s Social Work and work with solicitors, local authorities and families alike.  For adults, we can be instructed to assist in the areas of mental capacity assessments (including COP3 reports), best interests, care assessments, deprivation of liberty (and Liberty Protection Safeguards) and CHC (continuing healthcare).  For children, we can be instructed to complete independent parenting assessments, care assessments, carer assessments and SEND appeals and tribunal reports. When completing parenting assessments, we specialise in assessments for adults who live with Learning Disabilities.  We also offer a discreet VIP service for those who require it which includes a bespoke, confidential alcohol support service.

Social Workers are highly skilled at assessment and report writing. We are particularly skilled at forensically analyzing facts and providing independent, unbiased opinions about a particular matter.  Because of the specialist nature of our work, we complete all assessments and reports ourselves and do not sub-contract any work to others.  We pride ourselves in attention to detail and ensure all assessments and reports are completed to the highest standards and on time.  We understand that time is often of the essence when undertaking any work, particularly for the courts and tribunals so we aim to complete all reports within four weeks of being instructed.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to instruct us or discuss any aspect of our work.

We are instructed by individuals, solicitors, case management companies, local authorities, clinical commissioning groups and care homes to provide high quality reports, assessments and training in the following areas:

Independent Social Work Reports and Mental Capacity Assessments for Solicitors and Case Management Companies

With over a decade of experience each as Social Workers, expert witnesses and writing assessment reports for courts and tribunals, we are often asked to complete high quality reports and mental capacity assessments for solicitors and case management companies.  Often, when a person uses a case management company to manage their health and social care needs, they do not engage the local authority or benefit from the duties imposed upon local authorities such as the duty to assess needs and develop a support plan. Instead, they instruct independent health and social care professionals when required. We can be instructed by solicitors and case management companies to provide services such as care needs assessments, support plans, mental capacity assessments, best interests decisions and advice about deprivation of liberty. Please look at the services we offer and if you require the support of an Independent Social Worker or would like to discuss any aspect of Social Work with us, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Gary is our trainer and has been frontline Social Workers for over a decade. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience (as well as his training qualification) to every training session he provides, regardless of whether it is a single session or regular programme.  Gary can offer training virtually or face to face and all of his training is bespoke which means he delivers exactly what you need.  Gary writes all of our training material which ensuring that you always have the most up-to-date information in your training.  Sometimes organisations only require training on one aspect of a subject… that’s no problem either.  For larger groups (over 25 delegates), we can provide our training as a webinar.  We can provide training at various levels from introduction to advanced in the following areas:

Carbon Negative with a Difference

Treedom Image

We adopt the same values and priorities in our professional life as we do in our personal lives.  As well as ensuring that our carbon emissions are as low as possible, we offset our carbon footprint by ensuring trees are planted and you can be a part of this too.  For every instruction we receive, a new tree is planted – your tree. However, this is far more than planting trees, which of course is important. Treedom directly finances small agroforestry projects across the world. The philosophy of Treedom is to realize sustainable ecosystems and allow thousands of farmers to support the initial costs of planting new trees, ensuring food autonomy and income opportunities over time. This has environmental as well as social and economic benefits.

When you instruct us, you will be supporting farmers to plant and nurture young trees which they will benefit from for years to come and it really is your tree that’s being planted.  We can track every tree that is planted and we can even send you details of your tree so you can also track its progress!  Please let us know if you would like details of your tree.  If not, rest assured that one has been planted and that we know which one is yours.

Mental Capacity Assessments For Solicitors
Independent Social Work Services for Solicitors