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Independent Social Work Services,  Training, Assessments and Court Reports. Including; Mental Capacity Assessments, Best Interests Decisions, Deprivation of Liberty and Care Act Assessments.

I warmly welcome you to Gary Crisp Consultants. I’m Gary Crisp, an experienced, Independent Social Worker. I provide a person-centred approach to the Social Work Services I offer and am committed to providing you with an excellent service whether its a one-off assessment or ongoing Social Work care management.  My work generally covers the South West of England (Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Somerset, Wiltshire and Hampshire) and London, although I am happy to consider instruction from anywhere in the country.

I’m instructed by individuals, solicitors, local authorities, clinical commissioning groups and care homes to provide high quality reports, assessments and training in the following areas:

I can be instructed by individuals and organisations who require an Independent Social Worker for Social Work Services or to complete mental capacity, care needs or other assessments. I can also be instructed to provide ongoing care management services for people who don’t receive assistance from local authority social workers.

I have a keen interest in human rights and am happy to be instructed in cases where someone is being deprived of their liberty or immigration cases that require an independent report.  I am often instructed to report on the effect that deportation will have on a person’s family, including their children. I have also been instructed to complete mental capacity assessments and reports for SEND Tribunals (Special Educational Needs and Disability).

I am often instructed to provide second opinion assessments where the outcome of the original assessment is disputed.  Or by those who require a thorough assessment which will stand up to scrutiny.  I have extensive knowledge of mental capacity, best interests decisions and deprivation of liberty and as well as completing assessments and reports.

Do You Pay for Your Own Care?

You may be in the position where you pay for your own care and haven’t involved social services in the planning of you care.  If this is the case and you would like support from a Social Worker, I can be instructed to assist with all aspects of care planning from; assessing your needs, identifying what level of assistance you require, helping you find the right care or care home and monitoring the care you receive.  This can be particularly useful if you live a long way from your family.  I can be instructed for a single piece of work or longer-term if required.  If it’s longer-term monitoring of your care you require, I charge a manageable monthly fee rather than an hourly rate.  This includes a visit to you and a review of your care records. I also help you create a personal profile which is given to your provider (if they don’t already have one) which identifies what you have enjoyed doing in the past which can be fed into your care plan.

Regardless of who pays for your care, your are entitled to a free assessment from the local authority.  However, if you are then assessed as being able to pay for your own care, the local authority can now charge you if you ask then to arrange or help you find the right care. This varies from one local authority to the next and can, in my experience range from free to £400. Generally speaking,  a person pays for their own care if they have savings and investments over £23,250. This includes their home unless a spouse (for instance) is still living in it.  However, waiting lists are often long and we can provide a much quicker service if you are experiencing delays waiting for a local authority assessment.  Typically, we can complete an assessment and have it back to you within 2 weeks of being instructed.

Please take a look at the services I offer and if you require the support of an Independent Social Worker, or would like to discuss any aspect of Social Work with me, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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