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Independent Social Work Services for Solicitors

A Strength-Based Approach to Social Work

As a professional, Independent Social Worker, I can be instructed to complete assessments and reports for a variety of reasons.  I use a strength-based, person-centred approach to my practice which means I approach any assessments and reports in a positive manner rather than focusing entirely on what someone can’t do.  Strength-based approaches to Social Work are about the individual, their life and circumstances.  I use a multi-disciplinary approach and use the person and their networks of support to direct my work.

Often, I use the Care Act 2014 as a framework for assessment.  The Care Act provides a framework under which local authorities assess care needs.  They use this framework to assess a person’s care and support needs and following this, identify which services a person is eligible to receive.  The assessment must be person-centred throughout, involving the person and supporting them to have choice and control.  My care needs assessments are person-centred and involve the person and their support networks to complete a thorough assessment.  All of my assessments are completed by me, a Registered Social Worker with over 10 years’ experience working within local authority adult social care teams.  The purpose of a Care Act assessment is to identify the needs of a person and how these impact on their wellbeing, and the outcomes that the person wishes to achieve in their day-to-day life.

Being independent of any local authorities, I can be instructed to complete Care Act or care needs assessments and do so for a variety of reasons. Including; second opinion assessments if there is disagreement with one completed by a local authority, or refusal by a local authority to complete an assessment because the person doesn’t appear to have a need for care and support.  I can be instructed by individuals, their representatives or solicitors.  I can also be instructed by local authorities who would like a care need assessment completed by an independent, registered Social Worker.

Social Work Services for Solicitors

As an Independent Social Worker, I can be instructed by solicitors to complete assessments and reports and do so for many different reasons.  I can also take on a small amount of legal aid work.  I have been instructed to complete assessments and court reports for both adults and children.  Sometimes, I am instructed to complete a second opinion care assessment where a client is challenging an assessment completed by a local authority who (for anyone age 18 or over) should use the Care Act as a framework for assessment.  Other times, I am instructed by solicitors to complete a bespoke, independent report about a client’s circumstances and offer my professional opinion about a certain course of action.  Increasingly, I am instructed by specialist human rights lawyers in immigration cases where a client is seeking judicial review of a notice of deportation.

I am an experienced mental capacity assessor and I’m often instructed to complete an assessment of a client’s mental capacity to litigate alongside other assessments or reports.  So if you require an Independent Social Work assessment and report, let’s chat and I will let you know if I can assist you.  If it’s a mental capacity assessment you require, visit our mental capacity assessment pages.