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Mental Capacity Assessments For Solicitors, other Professionals and Individuals

My mental capacity assessments are of a high quality and I pride myself in attention to detail and ensuring a thorough assessment is undertaken every time. This places me in a good position to be instructed by legal professionals to undertake mental capacity assessments. All assessments are completed by me, an Independent Social Worker and experienced professional in assessing mental capacity. I don’t sub-contract any assessments, that way I can be sure of maintaining high standards in all my work. I can be instructed to complete assessments for a range of decisions including (but not limited to):

  • Capacity to manage finances
  • Capacity to create a Lasting Power of Attorney
  • Capacity to make welfare decisions
  • Capacity to make a will (testamentary capacity)
  • Capacity to conduct Court proceedings (capacity to litigate)
  • Capacity to make a gift

Why Choose Gary Crisp Consultants?

I’ve been completing Mental Capacity Assessments since 2009 and I’m always keen to ensure that I never stop learning or improving what I do. I have a thorough knowledge of how to apply the Mental Capacity Act when assessing mental capacity and making best interest decisions. However, sometimes the Mental Capacity Act isn’t enough as a stand-alone piece of legislation because common law tests may apply and alternative tests might be more appropriate for some decisions. In these cases, I am aware of the correct tests to use.

Knowledge of legislation and the correct test isn’t always enough to ensure a thorough and accurate assessment is completed. Excellent communication skills and a person-centred approach is also required to ensure the correct information is obtained and communicated within my assessments and subsequent report. I know that time isn’t always on your side when you need to assess a person’s capacity. That’s why I aim to have my assessments and report back to you within 2 weeks of being instructed.