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Mental Capacity

We spend most of our lives making decisions on a daily basis and rarely do we stop and think about the processes we’re going through as we do. Sometimes they’re almost instant … what we’re going to wear is usually solved by a quick glance out of the window. And what we’re going to eat often depends upon what’s in the fridge or on the menu at a particular restaurant. But what happens when we’re not able to make some decisions anymore? What happens when looking out of the window has little or no association with the clothes we wear? Decisions aren’t always small decisions either. We might need to decide where to live, what to do with our money or who to leave our prized possessions to in our will. The truth is, throughout our lives we have to make decision both great and small and sometimes people aren’t in a position to be able to make these decisions. What do you do?

The Mental Capacity Act (and in some instances common law tests) provides a framework for assessing whether people can make their own decisions and what to do if they can’t. I provide a range of professional services in this area from assessing mental capacity to helping make decisions. I also provide training courses.  Please follow the links opposite to find out more about the services I offer.