As you will be aware, the health and social care sector (like others) is working hard to maintain essential services in what are extremely challenging times. Whilst the manner in which many of us work is being adapted in line with current Government and Public Health England guidance, it is recognised that much of the work we undertake can’t simply just stop. So, there is a balance to be had between ensuring, as far as possible, the wellbeing of everyone (especially vulnerable people) and maintaining vital services. I am committed to maintaining as many of the services I provide throughout this period of uncertainty whilst acting responsibly to help ensure the safety of those I work with, vulnerable people and their carers.

To this end, until further notice, the following will apply:

Where possible, I will assess and consult people using non face-to-face methods such as Skype and telephone calls. Sometimes this is not possible and, in those situations, where safe to do so, I will continue with a face-to-face approach. If this is required, current Government guidelines will be followed. Whichever method will be adopted will depend entirely upon the nature and urgency of the work and will be discussed with the instructing party and care providers where applicable.

I wish you a safe and healthy time as we work together over the coming months,

Best Wishes, Gary.

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Simply VIP

At Simply Social Work we pride ourselves in giving people the very best in social work services. From the quality of our assessments and reports to the safe and secure systems in place to protect your information, we work tirelessly to give you the  best.  However, it is sometimes necessary to go beyond this and provide a more discreet social work service without compromising on quality.

Discreet Care Management

We offer two VIP service, the first is for those who wish for themselves or their loved ones to be cared for in their own homes or luxury nursing homes. We can assist you through the whole process from identifying what care needs exist to liaising with nursing homes or helping you employ care staff. Your occupation, family or social circumstances might mean the highest of discretion is required,  and that is exactly what you will receive with our bespoke VIP service.

For those who like to plan ahead, if you or a loved one have been diagnosed with a progressive condition (one where the symptoms are going to increase over time), we can start your care planning whilst you are still able to make decisions yourself. That way, if the times comes when you cannot make decisions for yourself, your wishes are clearly documented. We can then assist those making decisions for you.

Discreet Alcohol Support Service

Our second VIP service is an alcohol support service.  The service starts with a series of talking sessions where your personal consultant (one of our consultant Social Workers) will discuss and prepare a treatment programme. This will include harm reduction options where we explore your current level of drinking and plan how to reduce it safely while avoiding significant and potentially dangerous withdrawal symptoms. We will also help to identify triggers, your general health, mental health and discuss how to address these.

It may be that you require full detox therapy.  If you do, we will arrange for you to attend a private detox clinic where the health professionals there will prescribe medication to substitute the alcohol and help your body become less dependent. The clinic you attend can either be local or away from home, that is your decision. We can take you to the clinic and stay with you while you are inducted. A simple detox may require a few days or longer. You may have a shorter admission if you prefer to return home with some of the medication to self-manage.

The next stage of your journey can be the most difficult, we call it relapse prevention. We need to minimise the risk of you reaching for that bottle again now that you are no longer physically dependent upon alcohol. Changing behaviours, your previous coping strategies and the situations that led to the drinking will be explored and we work to identify and promote alternative options for you. It may be that you are low in mood and would benefit from talking to your GP for example. We also help to develop a plan to fill the time periods that you used to drink with positive activities so that you break the pattern and time associations.

Unlike traditional services that may have a limited number of sessions available to you, Simply Social Work will be available to you for as long as you need. We will regularly review your circumstances and you will decide when you wish to end our support. Additionally, we can be available to you should you relapse or feel like you may be about to relapse by increasing sessions. But please rest assured, relapses can be part of the process and should be considered as a learning experience, and definitely not a sign of defeat.

As a recipient of our VIP services, as well as our usual high quality services, you will receive:

  • A dedicated consultant Social Worker (our highest level of Social Worker and includes our directors) who will manage as much or as little of your care as you wish.
  • Appointments arranged at any time, day or night.
  • Restricted case records (only our consultant Social Workers will be able to access your records)
  • A dedicated VIP email address which is only accessed by our consultant Social Workers and their PA.
  • An initial home or virtual meeting with one of our directors to discuss your specific requirements.
  • Regular care reviews to ensure it is the best possible care.
  • Regular supervision of care staff if you employ staff to provide care at home.
  • If required, assistance to draft employment contracts for care staff that ensure they provide a discreet service.
  • Discreet visits to luxury care homes on your behalf.

For more information about our VIP services and our fees, please email