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Why Choose Gary Crisp Consultants?

One piece of advice I was given when I first start working as an Independent Social Worker was, “make your business look big, no-body wants to work with a small company or just one person”.  For a while I did just that, but it didn’t take long before I realised that people were instructing me because they trusted me and had confidence in the assessments and reports I write and the training I write and deliver.  I am just me! I don’t pretend otherwise and do you know what? I don’t need to. I don’t have offices or employees across the UK or know everything about every area of Social Work.  However, I do have my specialisms (see the rest of my website) and know them very well.  I  also know some other incredible Independent Social Workers and I will gladly recommend them if it’s an area of work they have more experience with.  I’m not precious about keeping clients to myself, but I am precious about achieving the very best outcomes for everyone I have contact with.

I am an experienced Independent Social Worker and Best Interests Assessor. My areas of particular interest are; mental capacity assessments and best interests decisions, care assessments, deprivation of liberty and continuing healthcare.  I am increasingly being instructed to write court reports for SEN tribunals and for immigration cases where deportation proceedings have been issued.  Prior to becoming an Independent Social Worker in 2012, I was employed in a variety of social work positions within local authorities.

Social Workers are highly skilled at assessments and report writing. Looking objectively at a set of circumstances and offering a non-judgemental, unbiased opinion about a particular matter. Personally, I adopt a strength-based, Person-Centred approach to Social Work. As you might expect, this approach focuses on what people can achieve rather than just listing what they can’t do. That doesn’t mean that I ignore areas where someone does require additional assistance but it does mean that I adopt an approach to Social Work that is holistic and multi-disciplinary. One where risk is seen as enabling rather than a disabling.  One of the reasons I have a passion for mental capacity assessments and ensuring those who can make decisions for themselves do.

I complete all assessments myself and don’t sub-contract any work to others.  I pride myself in attention to detail and can ensure all assessments are completed to the highest standards.  I understand that time is often of the essence when undertaking any work, particularly for the Courts and aim to complete all assessments within 2 weeks of being instructed.

Please get in touch if you would like to instruct me or chat about any aspect of my work.